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Bladder accumulators, piston accumulators and diaphragm accumulators

Accumulators for Offshore Hydraulic applications with special coatings or stainless steel up to 690bar.

HYDAC has also acquired QHP Hydraulics in the UK.

HYDAC Accumulator Technology can reflect on over 45 years’ experience in research & development, design and production of Hydac accumulators. Bladder, piston, diaphragm and metal bellows accumulators from HYDAC together form an unbeatable range and as components or units, support hydraulic systems in almost all sectors.

The main applications of our accumulators are:

  • Energy storage
  • Emergency and safety functions
  • Damping of vibrations, fluctuations, pulsations (pulsation damper), shocks (shock absorber) and noise (silencer)
  • Suction flow stabilisation
  • Media separation
  • Volume and leakage oil adjustment
  • Weight equalization
  • Energy recovery
  • Using accumulators improves the performance of the whole system and specifically this has the following benefits:
  • Improvement in the functions, Increase in service life, Reduction in operating and maintenance costs, Reduction in pulsations and noise.

Basic criteria, such as:

  • Design pressure
  • Design temperature
  • Fluid displacement volume
  • Discharge/ Charging velocity
  • Fluid
  • Acceptance specifications
  • Mounting options are important parameters required for sizing the correct accumulator.

In addition, the knowledge developed by our accumulator specialists will help to select the right type of accumulator. The comprehensive range of HYDAC accessories simplifies installation and maintenance according to the specification.