Diesel Fuel Filtration

Why Clean Fuel?

Ten years ago, a diesel engine did not require anything close to the level of filtration provided by HYDAC today. With increasing operating costs (e.g., fuel usage cost, equipment downtime cost) with very strict environmental legislation (e.g., GHG emissions), large diesel fuel users face very difficult challenges when operating fleets of small-large diesel powered engines. Be assured the results of poor filtration are no longer just black smoke and lack of engine horsepower. To ensure optimum engine performance and reliability, particulate and water contamination in diesel fuel must be controlled to acceptable (within specification) limits.

Standard on-board fuel filters are not capable to handle high levels of contamination. Therefore, to prevent premature plugging and frequent change-outs of these fuel filters, fuel cleanliness should be controlled throughout the entire fuel supply chain. To put this into perspective newly delivered bulk diesel fuel typically has an ISO cleanliness level of ISO 22/20/18 to ISO 21/19/17 but today’s injection fuel systems need to see fluid with a cleanliness level of below ISO 11/8/6 (aerospace cleanliness).

Supplying high valued diesel equipment with clean/dry fuel, will result in several significant benefits to You.

  • Improved diesel engine performance and reliability
  • Improved diesel engine operating costs
  • Reduced diesel engine maintenance costs
  • Reduced vehicle downtime
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Reduced air pollution

Hydac Solution!

HYDAC Optimicron Diesel filter elements specially developed for the filtration of diesel are characterised by very high contamination retention capacity coupled with low pressure drop. This results in a long service life for these elements. Use of the most up-to-date materials guarantees excellent separation rates even in a single pass and this continues over the entire element life cycle while under operation.
The Optimicron Diesel elements for two stage dewatering use materials specifically designed for coalescing and for separating water from diesel. They enable secure and efficient dewatering even when the water content of the diesel is low.



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Hydac Diesel Protection from Refinery to Engine

Bulk Fuel Filtration

Engine On-Board Filtration

Fuel Conditioning

Emissions directives are raising the standards for diesel fuels. Consequently, suppliers must guarantee that there is less contamination and lower
water content in their fuels. The increasing percentage of biodiesel has the additional effect that existing systems must be retrofitted with diesel conditioning systems.

In order to meet the requirements, it’s not sufficient to condition the diesel just prior to usage in the machine. The fuel must be filtered and dewatered at every stage of the transport chain – from production in the refinery to the end user.
To comply with the high-quality requirements it is essential to monitor particle contamination and water content.

1. Bulk Fuel Filtration

The HYDAC Concept for Optimum Fluid Cleaning:

  • Filtration for particle elimination

The function of the LVH-F is to eliminate particle contamination from the diesel. With a heavy-duty diesel filter instrumental to its design, the LVH-F equipped with HYDAC Optimicron filter element technology is ideally suited to removing large quantities of contamination reliably in a single pass, thereby guaranteeing the required cleanliness.

  • Dewatering by coalescence

Diesel is dewatered in the LVH-CD Coalescer. The elements used here are not consumable items as is usually the case in diesel fuel filter elements which absorb free water. Thanks to the HYDAC Optimicron Coalescer and Separator element technology, large diesel volumes can be dewatered efficiently, ensuring responsible use of resources.

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2. HYDAC Diesel PreCare and HYDAC Diesel Main Care

Optimum conditioning of the diesel fuel is particularly important. It guarantees trouble-free operation for all most all equipment that make use of a diesel engine that are exposed to the harshest operating conditions. And it protects both the engine and the complete drive train from damage. HYDAC offers a comprehensive range of diesel filtration products. These products protect the vehicle manufacturer and operator from breakdowns, downtimes and expensive service interventions.

HYDAC Diesel PreCare is a cup filter system for diesel pre-filtration available in two versions:

  • Manual water drain (BestCost Design) Conventional, operator-dependent solution.
  • Fully automatic discharge (plug & play) (High Tech Design) The innovative solution for fully automatic dewatering, independent of the operator, even when operated on the suction side.

Outstanding performance data achieved by 2-stage water removal and superb filtration characteristics through the use of synthetic media – these are the special features of these filters. Both systems are designed for use as prefilters on the suction side and as such protect all the pumps and components in the fuel system from water and contamination.

Our solution for efficient diesel main filtration HYDAC Diesel MainCare (HDM) offers highest dirt retention capacities and matches in terms of micron rating the requirements of modern injection systems. Most simple assembly and service, as well as the excellent filtration performance on the engine make this filter line to amitious users’ first choice. The fully combustible filter element as well as the optimal use of materials conserve our environment.

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3. Fuel Conditioning

Consumers with large tanks which are only seldom used and in which the diesel is “stored” for a long time (e.g. emergency power packs) are particularly prone to heavy deposits of contamination in the form of particle contamination on the tank floor as well as to raised water content in the tank (e.g. due to condensation).
If the system is switched on, the pump typically draws off the surrounding particles of contamination and the filter or system components quickly become clogged. As a rule this leads to a system stoppage. The unit is therefore not fit for purpose and at the same time will have increased maintenance/repair costs ads up.HYDAC has developed the LVU-CD10 diesel fuel conditioner and the LVU-CD40 diesel particulate filter. These units will help you remove water from diesel and reduce the effects of potentially dangerous contaminants. Therefore, the use of either fuel water separator is crucial, and not only for the quality of the diesel fuel.

  • Why is Using a Diesel Water Separator Important?

In addition to contamination from settled particles and other solid matter, free water in a tank (over an extended period) can become a breeding ground for diesel fuel pests such as bacteria, algae and fungus. This can quickly lead to blockage of the machine filter and damage to the diesel injection system components. Use of a diesel particulate filter or fuel water separator can prevent or minimize these chances of damage to occurring. The use of the Low Viscosity Unit LVU minimizes diesel fuel contamination to a system and prevents expensive system downtime. Spare parts won’t be needed, nor will extensive or expensive maintenance/repairs be required.

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