Marine & Offshore

Our components and systems are specially adapted to suit these applications and provide maximum availability. Our solutions reliably get the job done in extreme offshore environmental conditions, in potentially explosive atmospheres and even under water.

We support system manufacturers, shipyards and shipping companies throughout the entire life cycle of the ship, with our condition monitoring and fluid care products ensuring smooth operation, low operating costs and maximum availability. All leading classification societies have confirmed this by certifying our solutions.

Our operations include:

  • Hydraulic and hybrid drive solutions
  • Open-loop and closed-loop control of movement processes
  • Conditioning of operating media and fuel
  • Energy storage (e.g. for emergency functions)
  • Automotive pre-filtration for ballast water treatment systems
  • Cooling of electrical drives and servo motors
  • Sensor systems and condition monitoring
  • Installation material, saltwater-resistant mounting systems
  • Special materials and coatings
  • Start-up and repair of hydraulic systems
  • Rinse-cleaning (flushing) according to customer requirements
  • International approvals and types
  • Collaboration with development partners and institutes

Vessel : Peg

Thrusters 2x Type 5000 HD  – replacing with Type 4200 HD new generation Thrusters.

Country:  Namibia

Work Boat for Dredger,  2x Type 2000 HD.

Hopper Barge

Thrusters 2x Type 2700 HD.


3 Workboats:  2x  Type 2400 HD each.  Install and commission.

Hydro – Armor:  Factory

Pre set-up and factory commissioning – France

Local Repairs done in Cape Town