HYDAC operates in other industries: specific design of hydraulic systems, costs optimisation, hydropneumatic accumulators and dampers for application…

Project specific design of hydraulic systems

  • According to customer requirements having regard to the necessary power industry standards and regulations

Costs Optimisation

  • By means of customised system solutions whilst using standard components for hydroelectric and thermal power stations

Hydropneumatic Accumulators and Dampers for every application

  • Energy storage
  • Smoothing of pulsations
  • Damping of pressure spikes and noise-damping
  • Weight compensation
  • Suspension systems

Measurement technology and electronics

  • For pressure, temperature, flow rate, fluid level, position, contamination, oil condition

Condition Monitoring and Sensor Technology

  • Operational availability increases when machine data is recorded
  • Condition monitoring of oil cleanliness/oil aging in lubrication and hydraulic oils

Cooling Systems

  • For the necessary stabilisation of the operating temperatures

Filter Cooler Systems

  • For optimal adaptation to customer requirements
  • As an integrated solution or as a complete unit

Filtration Technology

  • Service life enhancement, operational safety and cost reduction through the use of high-quality filters

Filtration and Oil Service Systems

  • To optimise the oil cleanliness in machines and systems
  • For filling, cleaning, and dewatering

Hydraulic Power Units and Systems for carrying out hydraulic functions

e.g. in supplying conventional fuels and in removing fuel residues

  • Water supply and removal
  • Conventional heat generation
  • Steam, water and gas circuits
  • Main turbine machines
  • Auxiliary systems

Oil Systems for

  • Steam and gas turbines
  • Generators
  • Fans in waste incinerator air systems and in flue gas extraction
  • Crushing plants

Process Filtration

Cooling and used water treatment

  • With or without automatic back-flushing


  • To complete hydraulic systems
  • Ball Valves and Fluid level gauges and sensors
  • Pipe connections, Hose and Cable couplings, Component mounting
  • Bell Housings and Couplings

Installation, commissioning, service and optimisation


Components, Systems and Service for Hydropower Plants

Systems, Components and Fluid Engineering / Service for Cleanliness Technology

Components, Systems and Service for Metal Forming Machinery

Components, Systems and Service for Municipal Machines.

Components, Systems and Service for Test Rigs and Testing Systems.

Components, Systems and Service for Transformers