Process Technology


HYDAC Process Technology comprises a range of specialised products designed to remove suspended solids from water and other fluids during treatment of water and industrial fluids. Products range from course strainers to fine depth filters and include various cartridge and membrane type filters and automatic self-cleaning filter options.

HYDAC’s range is suitable for use with a wide range of fluids which include sea water, fresh water, brackish water, light oils and oil-water emulsions.

Applications include Borehole Filtration, Water Supply Filtration from various sources such as dams, rivers and canals, Process Water Treatment/Recovery Plants, pre-filtration to Ultra-Filtratration and Reverse Osmosis Plants, pre-and final effluent filtration at Waste Water Treatment Plants and more.

Diesel Filtration

The HYDAC Concept for Optimum Diesel Cleaning:

  • Filtration for particle elimination

The function of the High Capacity Filter (HCF) is to eliminate particle contamination from the diesel. With a heavy-duty diesel filter instrumental to its design, the HCF is ideally suited to removing large quantities of fuel contamination reliably in a single pass, thereby guaranteeing the required cleanliness.

  • Dewatering by coalescence

Diesel is dewatered in the High Volume Coalescer (HVC). The elements used here are not consumable items as is usually the case in fuel filter elements which absorb free water. Thanks to the High Volume Coalescer (HVC) from HYDAC, large diesel volumes can be dewatered efficiently, ensuring responsible use of resources.

HYDAC Diesel PreCare – Your first choice for mobile working machines and utility vehicles which are operated in the harshest of conditions:
In order to secure disruption-free operation of vehicles and to protect all of the components of the motor against damage, optimum preparation of the diesel fuel is of particular importance.

HYDAC offers trend-setting systems for diesel filtration protecting vehicle manufacturers and operators against operations disruptions, downtimes and premature service calls.


In 2014 Hydac Technology (Pty) Ltd developed an 8m³/h mobile water plant to demonstrate the effectiveness of their OEM Process Technology Equipment.  This mobile plant was equipped with an automatic self-cleaning TwistflowStrainer as pre-filter, as main filter a 25µm self-cleaning AutoFilt filter was used with a 1µm Inline Process depth filter as final polishing filter.

Upon receiving a request from a Client, Hydac deployed this mobile plant on the Jukskei river near Lanseria to test suitability of their filtration technology for an upcoming project. Following a positive outcome after sampling the Client commenced feasibility study of a 250m³/h Water Plant based on the same setup as the mobile plant for research and development (R&D) purposes. Key performance indicators (KPI) were turbidity of 0,5NTU and a filtrate throughput upwards of 96% of influent. In collaboration with their Client two dosing stations and a flocculation manifold were added to the design.

In 2018 Hydac was awarded the contract to design and build the R&D plant. Full operational wet FAT was conducted at Hydac’s Johannesburg works. The new R&D plant has been installed adjacent to an operational traditional multi-media filtration plant and the Hydac Installation Team followed through with successful commissioning on site. Water is now supplied to a disinfection station before distribution to the local community.

Features of the new R&D plant include automated system control and feedback via human-machine interface (HMI), monitoring of all parameters, trends and KPIs, real-time filter condition feedback, automated dosage control, bio-fouling indication and auto bio-cleaning. The Client monitors the plant via access from the HMI to off-site SCADA.


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