Renewable Energy

Hydac is active with many products in a very wide variety of areas in this rapidly growing industry. Our filters and products’ performance have proven themselves to be extremely reliable in this constantly evolving process of energy extraction form nature

Applications and equipment Hydac offers include:

Solar Energy:

-Hydraulic power units for single-axis solar tracking
-Hydraulic power units for dual-axis solar tracking
-Control cylinders for solar tracking operations

Wind Energy

-rotary vane adjustment and control
-constant monitoring system
-precise and repeatable control

-Main gear drive lubrication
-Feed pumps and feed monitoring
-High-performance filters for lube oil
-Contamination measurement
-Failure warning systems

-Brake control circuit
-Complete system for emergency operations
-Complete systems for normal running operations
-Fully integrated system


Gearbox Cooling Systems

Hydraulic Brake Control Unit

Pump-Transfer Cooler Filtration Unit UKF for Gearboxes